Waterproofing of the cable section of the WC-01 all-weather case

The all-weather case for RaspberryPi Camera V2 has a waterproof performance equivalent to IP67. However, if the camera is used underwater for an extended period of time or in a location with significant water pressure, water will enter through the area where the FCC cable is inserted.
If a high level of waterproofing is required, please apply the following waterproofing treatment.


FCC cable section treatment method

Apply silicon grease for waterproofing

Apply silicon grease for waterproofing to the part of the case where the grommet is to be fitted.
Before applying the grease, wipe the area to be coated clean of any dirt or dust.
*Use waterproof silicon grease for use with “waterproof cases for cameras” if possible. (This is the same silicone grease used for O-rings.)

Fill gaps with caulk

Use caulk to fill the area around the grommet and FFC cable without gaps.
*Use a “waterproof type” of caulk for use around water.
A product that is soft even after curing is recommended.

Although the waterproof function can be improved by the above method, please make sure that the case is assembled properly, as water may seep in from other parts of the case depending on how the case is assembled.

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