Fisheye Lens Application Fields

Fisheye lenses are used in a variety of fields.

Wide-area surveillance cameras

Use in security cameras and surveillance cameras to monitor the movement of people and objects inside vehicles, stores, etc.
Heat maps, person detection and alarm systems using dee-branding, etc.

Cameras for web conferencing

Cameras for web conferencing, etc., where a camera placed in the center of a table shows all participants in a meeting.
No need to pivot the camera. Use in door phones, etc.

In-vehicle camera

Cameras for front view/reverse view and flying-view to capture images around the car, and in-vehicle cameras to capture images of the entire interior of the car.

Industrial endoscope

Use in industrial endoscope cameras to take pictures of the inner walls of pipes. Use in narrow places or in places where it is difficult to level the camera.
Pipe inspection, tunnel survey, etc.


Use of a fisheye lens to recognize all directions. Use in obstacle detection systems, etc.
Cleaning robots, work robots, remote control robots, etc.

VR images

Utilized in 360-degree VR images, 3DVR systems with horizontally positioned cameras using fisheye lenses, etc.
For real estate property previews, live streaming distribution, etc.

dome Images

Use in planetariums, immersive theaters, and other visual applications

Measurement systems

Utilization in systems that use laser beams to capture and measure images with a fisheye camera.


Fisheye cameras mounted on drones are used for surveys and inspections.
3D scanning, etc.

Next generation devices

Fisheye camera mounted on a stylus for use in systems that enable gesture-based operation.

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