Waterproof Cables / Connectors


ProductTypeGenderIP ClassPrice
CN-USB-A2AWUSB-CFemale / FemaleIP671,800 JPY(Tax-exclusive price)
CN-USB-D2AWUSB 3.0Female / FemaleIP671,440 JPY(Tax-exclusive price)
CN-HDM-A2AWHDMIFemale / FemaleIP671,620 JPY(Tax-exclusive price)
CN-LAN-A2AWRJ45Female / FemaleIP671,380 JPY(Tax-exclusive price)


ProductTypeLengthGenderIP ClassPrice
CA100-USB-A0AWUSB-C1mMale / MaleIP671,720 JPY(Tax-exclusive price)
CA100-USB-D3AWUSB 3.01mFemale / MaleIP671,600 JPY(Tax-exclusive price)
CA100-HDM-A0AWHDMI1mMale / MaleIP672,440 JPY(Tax-exclusive price)
CA100-LAN-A0AWRJ451mMale / MaleIP671,640 JPY(Tax-exclusive price)

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  • This product should not be incorporated into or used in medical equipment, nuclear facilities and equipment, aerospace equipment, transportation equipment and equipment that affect human life, or equipment, equipment or systems that require a high degree of reliability. Not intended. We will not be held responsible for any personal injury or social damage caused by using this product for these purposes.
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