Vent filter seal

This filter is moisture permeable, waterproof and dustproof, and can be attached to the hole part of the case to adjust the humidity inside the case and reduce condensation.

Vent Filter Seal Features

Breathable, waterproof and dustproof filter

The EPTFE material consists of a columnar structure of foamed polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).
The fiber structure ensures ventilation but does not allow moisture to pass through, thus maintaining dustproof and waterproof properties.
The seal-type filter is easy to install and remove.

The filter is highly resistant to water and repels water.
The filter is breathable, allowing adjustment of the pressure inside the case due to changes in temperature, etc.
Resistant to salt water, alcohol, acids, alkalis, and ultraviolet rays.

Main Usage Examples

It is used in applications such as automotive parts, packaging for chemical products, electronic components, and other products requiring air pressure adjustment or to prevent condensation.


Ventilation performance
2.9 L/Cm²/Min (minimum volume at standard temperature and pressure)
3.6 L/cm²/min (maximum volume at standard temperature and pressure)
Operating temperature-40 °C 〜 +125 °C
MaterialPolyester nonwoven fabric
SizeVFS-21:Φ22.5mm / VFS-14:Φ14mm