Camera Mounting Plate

For SPRESENSE Pi cameras (Die Casted)

※The mounting apparatus is Super Clamp / Screw Conversion Adapter A57 / Mini Free Head BH-15.

Camera mounting plate for easy installation of Raspberry Pi camera modules

Camera plate with 1/4″ screw holes for easy mounting of SPRESENSE camera board (CXD5602PWBCAM2W / CXD5602PWBCAM1) on a tripod.
It can also be used with camera modules that use the same 24x25mm substrate as the Raspberry Pi camera module.

For SPRESENSE cameras

Short distance and indoor installations

(FFC Cable / cable length 12.7 cm or less)

① SPRESENSE Camera Module
② Camera Mount Plate VC-MPA

① SPRESENSE用 VR220 Camera
② Camera Mount Plate VC-MPA

② Camera Mount Plate VC-MPA

① HDR VR220 Camera
② Camera Mount Plate VC-MPA

The camera mounting plate has screw holes (1/4-20) on the top, bottom, and back of the plate, which are used for photographic imaging equipment to facilitate mounting on a tripod or similar device.
In addition, one side of the plate is angled at 45 degrees to allow installation without straining the flexible flat cable.


Product Na,eMounting plate for Raspberry Pi camera module
Product NumberVC-MPA
Attachable camerasSPRESENSE Camera board CXD5602PWBCAM1
Raspberry Pi camera V2
Raspberry Pi camera V3
Camera module with 24x25mm base
Size30 x 35 x 10mm

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