Dustproof Case for SPRESENSE HDR Camera

WDustproof Case for SPRESENSE HDR Camera DC-01 can be used for SPRESENSEHDR camera boards(CXD5602PWBCAM2W).

*This case is not waterproof. Please use for dustproof and drip-proof purpose


Product NameDustproof Case for SPRESENSE HDR Camera
Product NumberDC-01
Weight63g(Without camera)
BundledWrench, case, various screws, hexagon, desiccant
Price3,500JPY(tax-exclusive price)
Compatible CamerasSPRESENSE HDR DHR Camera Board (CXD5602PWBCAM2W)


Without the dome cover

With the dome cover

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HDR VR220 Camera for SPRESENSE

SPRESENSE HDR camera board (CXD5602PWBCAM2W) customized to allow mounting of M12/P0.5 lens. When shipped, a 220-degree fisheye lens (RP-L220) is installed for use as a circular fisheye camera.

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