Camera with Mounting Plate (Ethernet)

This product incorporates a camera module (V2/V3) for the Raspberry Pi and a mounting plate to facilitate mounting on a tripod or similar.
It incorporates THSER102 from THine and uses an Ethernet cable to connect the camera to the main unit.
It can be used over longer distances (within 10 m) than using an FFC cable.

Pi Cam V2 with Ethernet + Mounting Plate

Pi Cam V3 with Ethernet + Mounting Plate

VR220 Cam with Ethernet + Mounting Plate

THine Camera Cable Extension Kit for Raspberry Pi (THSER102)

The THSER102 is a plug-and-play cable extension kit for Raspberry Pi camera modules.
It supports Raspberry Pi Camera V2 (version 2.1), Raspberry Pi Camera HQ/Global Shutter Camera, Raspberry Pi Camera V1.3 defined modes as well as Raspberry Pi Camera V3.

The THSER102 can extend the cable length between the Raspberry Pi camera module and the computer by more than 10 meters with a standard LAN cable.

THSER102 data sheet >

Safety wire for drop protection

The camera mounting plate is equipped with a hole through which a drop prevention wire can be threaded. When installing the camera in a high place, it is recommended to use a fall prevention wire for safety measures.

How to install fall safety wires >

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Camera Module Cover

A camera cover is also recommended to protect the camera base and hide the silver parts to make the camera less noticeable.