Raspberry Pi HQ Camera M12 Lens Mount Adapter

This kit is designed to allow M12/P0.5 (S-mount) lenses to be attached to the Raspberry Pi HQ camera.
By using the “Raspberry Pi HQ Camera M12 Lens Adapter”, you can use M12/P0.5 (S-mount) lenses, which are available in a wider variety and cheaper and lighter than C/CS mount lenses.
*Note. Lenses with a mechanical back of 2 mm or less cannot be mounted.

The lens can be fixed

M12 lenses are screwed into the adapter while the lens is being adjusted for focus.
Therefore, if the lens is not secured, there are problems such as touching the lens or shifting the focus position due to vibration.

Raspberry Pi HQ camera M12 lens adapter has lens fixing screws on the side of the adapter to fix the focus and solve these problems.



This kit is designed to attach a lens mount adapter by yourself. (* Requires modification of the camera.)

Product Number: RP-HQ-M12-KIT
Price:5,900JPY(tax-exclusive price)
Note: Sold as parts only; RaspberryPi Camera HQ and lens must be purchased separately.

Pre-assembled camera module

This camera module replaces the lens mount portion of the Raspberry Pi HQ camera with a mount adapter compatible with M12/P0.5 (S-mount) lenses.

Product Number: RP-HQ-M12
Price:15,900JPY(tax-exclusive price)
Note: Sold as parts only; RaspberryPi Camera HQ and lens must be purchased separately.

Interchangeable lenses

You can select an M12/P0.5 (S-mount) lens that is compatible with the Raspberry Pi HQ camera M12 lens adapter.
Commercially available M12/P0.5 (S-mount) lenses can also be used, but some lenses may not be able to focus.


Fisheye lens with a 185° .
A circler image in the center of the image.


This lens provides a horizontal field of view of approximately 120°.


This lens is the widest wide-angle image with HQ camera.


This lens produces high-quality, sharp images at wide angles.


This lens provides an angle of view close to that of a standard lens with minimal barrel distortion.


This lens allows the Raspberry Pi HQ camera to be used as a telephoto camera.


Easy to install and return to the original

The mounting adapter for the Raspberry Pi HQ camera needs to be replaced, but this is easily done. The camera can also be used as the original camera by changing back to the HQ camera’s original mount adapter.

Prepare the Raspberry Pi HQ Camera.
Remove the two screws on the back of the camera.
The mount adapter can be detached from the camera.
Remove the filter that is glued to the mount adapter. Push it in from the top with your finger and it will come off.
The filter can be removed from the mount adapter.
I was able to remove the mount adapter from the camera.
Attach the removed filter to the Entaniya mount adapter.
The filter should be glued if necessary.
Attach the camera base to the mount adapter.
Tighten the two screws to secure the mount adapter.

About fixing the filter

Since the filter is not fixed, it may move and damage the glass of the sensor when used in a place with vibration.
It is recommended that the filter be glued to the mount adapter and fixed in place before use.
When gluing the filter, take a small amount of adhesive on the tip of a toothpick or the like before gluing. Be careful not to apply too much.

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