Raspberry Pi HQ Camera Fisheye Lens Adapter EFM12

Adapter to change RaspberryPi HQ camera into a fisheye camera

The kit to attach a fisheye lens (Entaniya Fisheye M12 series 220°/250°/280°) to the RaspberryPi HQ camera.
By attaching the Entaniya Fisheye M12 series of ultra-wide angle fisheye lenses, the RaspberryPi HQ camera can capture ultra-wide angle fisheye images.

Advantages of using a fisheye lens

Wide area with fewer cameras

A camera using a fisheye lens can capture wide-angle images with a single camera, allowing a wide area to be captured with a small number of cameras.
Fewer cameras can simplify the system, reduce problems such as breakdowns, and lower costs.
This is especially useful in small spaces where multiple cameras cannot be installed.

With a standard lens and with an ultra-wide angle fisheye lens

Taking advantage of their wide-angle field of view, fisheye lenses are used in diverse fields such as pipe inspection, security cameras, topographical surveys, traffic line surveys, cloud coverage surveys, vehicle-mounted cameras, drones, and robots.

One of the advantages of ultra-wide-angle fisheye lenses is that a single camera can capture a wide area.
For example, if you want to record images of an intersection, you would need to use multiple cameras with a standard lens, but with a 250-degree lens, you can record all four directions of the intersection with a single camera. Reducing the number of cameras provides advantages in terms of cost reduction and maintenance.

Ultra wide angle fisheye lenses Entaniya Fisheye M12 series

The Entaniya Fisheye M12 series lenses were developed for 360-degree VR cameras and have earned a reputation as high-quality lenses with minimal aberrations that produce sharp images right to the periphery despite being ultra-wide angle fisheye lenses.
The Entaniya Fisheye M12 series is available in three types: M12 220, M12 250, and M12 280.

Angle of view and Image size

The Entaniya Fisheye M12 series includes the M12 220, M12 250, and M12 280 lenses, which when used with the RaspberryPi HQ camera, produce the image shown above.

Entaniya Fisheye M12 220

Angle of View:220°
F Number:F/2.0
Image Size:diamete:5.1mm

Entaniya Fisheye M12 250

Angle of View:250°
F Number:F/2.8
Image Size:diamete:5.5mm

Entaniya Fisheye M12 280

Angle of View:280°
F Number:F/2.8
Image Size:diamete:4.2mm

Shooting Image

Entaniya Fisheye M12 220 (220 degrees)

220-degree ultra wide-angle fisheye lens.
It is designed with an almost perfect equidistant projection.
When photographed with the RaspberryPi HQ camera, the vertical field of view is approximately 195 degrees.

Entaniya Fisheye M12 250 (250 degrees)

This 250-degree fisheye lens has an even wider angle of view than the M12 220.
When photographed with the RaspberryPi HQ camera, the vertical field of view is approximately 195 degrees.

Entaniya Fisheye M12 280 (280 degrees)

This 280-degree fisheye lens boasts the world’s widest angle (*according to our own research).
This is the ultimate wide-angle lens that allows you to capture almost all of your surroundings with a single lens.
When taken with the RaspberryPi HQ camera, it produces an image of the circumference of the circle.


Entaniya Fisheye M12 KIT

Product Number:RP-HQ-EFM12-KIT
Without Lens
8,900JPY(tax-exclusive price)
With Lens
M12 220: 40,900JPY(tax-exclusive price)
M12 250: 63,900JPY(tax-exclusive price)
M12 280: 96,900JPY(tax-exclusive price)

”Without lens” is for parts only; RaspberryPi Camera HQ and M12 lens must be purchased separately.
“With lens” is for parts and lens, please purchase RaspberryPi Camera HQ separately.
Customize the camera by yourself.
Mount adapter exclusively for Entaniya Fisheye M12 series.

Pre-assembled camera module

Product Number:RP-HQ-EFM12
Without Lens
18,400JPY(tax-exclusive price)
With Lens
M12 220: 50,900JPY(tax-exclusive price)
M12 250: 73,900JPY(tax-exclusive price)
M12 280: 106,900JPY(tax-exclusive price)


Easy to install and return to original

The mounting adapter for the RaspberryPi HQ camera needs to be replaced, but this is easily done.The camera can also be used as the original camera by changing back to the HQ camera’s original mount adapter.

Prepare the RaspberryPi HQ Camera.
Remove the two screws on the back of the camera.
The mount adapter can be detached from the camera.
Remove the filter that is glued to the mount adapter. Push it in from the top with your finger and it will come off.
The filter can be removed from the mount adapter.
I was able to remove the mount adapter from the camera.
Attach the removed filter to the Entaniya mount adapter.
The filter should be glued if necessary.
Attach the camera base to the mount adapter.
Tighten the two screws to secure the mount adapter.

About fixing the filter

Since the filter is not fixed, it may move and damage the glass of the sensor when used in a place with vibration.
It is recommended that the filter be glued to the mount adapter and fixed in place before use.
When gluing the filter, take a small amount of adhesive on the tip of a toothpick or the like before gluing. Be careful not to apply too much.

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