Anti-Reflection Cover for Raspberry Pi Camera

*Screws, pedestal, and camera module are not included.

Compatible camera modules

Raspberry Pi Camera V2
Raspberry Pi Camera V3
SPRESENSE camera module (CXD5602PWBCAM1)
A portion of the cover must be cut off in order to attach to the SPRESENSE camera. We will ship the cut pieces.(If you order from our web shop, please let us know in advance that you intend to use the product in SPRESENSE, and we will ship the product in a processed state.)

Reduced reflection on the cover

The Raspberry Pi Camera Module V3 has visible silver parts, so when a dome cover or similar cover is used, there are problems with the camera body being reflected in the cover.

For example, when the camera is placed in a dome camera case (WC-01), if there is a strong light source, the light reflected by the camera will be reflected in the dome cover, but the cover will reduce the reflection.

Without the Cover
With the Cover

Protection of the camera module

Since the entire camera module is covered, the camera module can be protected from dust, etc.

Product NumberMaterialNote
RP-CM3-RCPolycarbonateNot included fixing screws.
The length of the screws used to secure the cover varies depending on where the camera is fixed, so please prepare the screws suitable for fixing the cover yourself.
If you use commercially available camera mount parts, we think you can use the screws that come with them.
Depending on the product, you may not be able to use the screws and covers that come with the product.
The size of the hole for the fixing screw is Φ2.5mm.

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