Heat pipe for Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4

*Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 and IO Board are not included.

Silent operation without power

The heat pipe (RP-HH-01-CM4) can be used to effectively cool the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4. Unlike a cooling fan, it does not require power and operates silently, so it is especially recommended when you want to reduce power consumption or use the device as quietly as possible.

Graph of cooling effect

The excellent cooling effect will improve the stability of the Raspberry Pi when running it for long periods of time or when working under heavy loads.

Vertical axis: CPU temperature / Horizontal axis: Time
Orange: Running with Raspberry Pi 4 B only
Blue: Running with Raspberry Pi 4 B and heat pipe set with heatsink (RP-HH-01)
Green: Operates with Raspberry Pi 4 B and pedestal/panel set (RP-HH-01-SETA) *Panel size 85x85x3mm

Heat Pipe Set

The heat-dissipating (heat-conducting) sheet includes 3M™ Hyper Soft Heat-Dissipating Sheet 6550H.
Made of ultra-low hardness non-silicone acrylic, it reduces the risk of board warpage and solder cracks during compression and does not generate siloxane gas that can cause contact failure. It is also low-volatility, making it difficult to fog lenses and displays.


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