Heat pipe for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

*Raspberry Pi is not included.
*The photo shows the Heat pipe, heat panel and pedestal set (RP-HH-01-SETA).

Silent operation without power

The use of heat pipes allows for efficient heat dissipation.
The excellent cooling effect is expected to improve the stability of Raspberry Pi operation when running it for long periods of time or when working under heavy loads.
Unlike a cooling fan, it requires no power and operates silently.
It is suitable for use in places where power consumption should be kept as low as possible and noise should not be emitted.

Graph of cooling effect

Vertical axis: CPU temperature / Horizontal axis: Time
Orange: Running with Raspberry Pi 4 B only
Blue: Running with Raspberry Pi 4 B and heat pipe (RP-HH-01)
Green: Operates with Raspberry Pi 4 B and heat pipe and heat panel (RP-HH-01-SETA) *Panel size 85x85x3mm

Heat pipe set


The set includes a heat pipe, a die-cast base for the Raspberry Pi, and a heat panel that serves as both a connection plate and a heat dissipation plate to the chassis.
The heat-dissipating (heat-conducting) sheet is 3M™ HyperSoft Heat-Dissipating Sheet 6550H.

Heat pipes and heat panels (85x85x3mm) can be used in combination with heat pipes for more efficient heat dissipation.
The panel can be attached to an embedded chassis using the screw holes on the panel.
The Raspberry Pi itself is not included.

Example of heat pipe assembly

If you want to operate Raspberry Pi in a sealed case such as a waterproof case, by connecting a heat pipe to the case (such as an aluminum case), heat can be efficiently dissipated outside the case.


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