DIN Rail Camera Mounting Plate A

This plate is useful for fixing a camera to a DIN rail.
The plate is shaped to fit the DIN rail clip clamp(DIN-358044-6-M4-SLV) and has a 3/8” male thread in the center of the plate for mounting a camera or camera-fixing head.

*DIN rail mounting click clamp is sold separately.
*The camera mount is not included.

DIN Rail Mounting Plate A
Assembly with a Clip clamp: DIN-358044-6-M4-SLV
Central hole typeNo thread 3/8″ countersunk screw compatible
Product NumberDMP-45A
Size64 x 45 mm
Price3,000 JPY(tax-exclusive price)
NoteFor DIN rail mounting clip clamp, use DIN-358044-6-M4-SLV (sold separately). It is not compatible with other clip clamps.

DIN rail mounting clip clamp for the DIN Rail Camera Mounting Plate

Product Name:DIN-358044-6-M4-SLV
Supported rail:35mm
Mounting holes:M4 x 6 (with threading)
Size:w:44mm h:80.5mm
Price:550JPY(tax-exclusive price)

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