O-ring acrylic dome cover (waterproof)

Product is a dome cover including O-ring. Case and camera are not included.

O-ring acrylic dome cover for waterproofing

Acrylic dome cover with O-ring attached to the bottom. (Patent pending)
By drilling a hole in a waterproof case and attaching it to the waterproof case, it can be made into a waterproof camera case.
This is useful for all-sky cameras installed outdoors or when you want to check the monitor status of the equipment.

3 types (flat, 2 x domes) and 2 sizes

Three types: a flat type and two types of dome types.
You can choose from two sizes, large and small.


Outer diameter 60mmOuter diameter 45.5mm
Flat : ODC-H0
Dome Height 30mm : ODC-H30
Dome Height 50mm: ODC-H50
Flat : ODCS-H0
Dome Height 17mm : ODCS-H17
Dome Height 27mm: ODCS-H27
Plate Color: Matt Black / Matt ClearPlate Color: Matt Black / Matt Clear
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Plate Color

Perforated plate (matte black)

Perforated plate (matte transparent)

Dome cover mounting case

We also offer a case for dome cover installation (case used in the above example).
The top surface of the case is pre-processed with holes for dome cover installation, so the dome cover can be attached as it is.
Holes for a vent filter and holes for cables are provided on the bottom surface to prevent condensation.

for Φ60mmfor Φ45.5mm
Case size (external dimensions) 100 x 100 mm
Case height (external dimensions) 75 mm
Vent filter and cable connector (cable gland) included
Case size (external dimensions) 80 x 80 mm
Case height (external dimensions) 60 mm
Vent filter and cable connector (cable gland) included