IP68 Waterproof Cube Case Enclosures

IP68 waterproof case Enclosures

This cube-shaped waterproof case (Enclosures) conforms to IP68.
This case features a high degree of customizability, allowing the user to change the specifications to suit the application by replacing the panels.

IP68 waterproof seamless frame

Seamless frame

One of the reasons for its high waterproof performance is its seamless one-piece frame. It is manufactured by die-cast molding.

IP68 waterproof o-ring


O-rings under each panel prevent water from seeping through the panel.

IP68 waterproof changeable panel

Removable and replaceable panels

All six panels can be removed and replaced.
You can customize the panels to suit your application or replace only the damaged panels.

IP68 waterproof case of bottom panel

Bottom panel with screw holes

The panel used on the bottom has standard screw holes (1/4″-20, 3/8″-16) for tripods and other imaging equipment.

Cube Case Features

Waterproof performance in accordance with IP68

IP68 waterproof test

As a result of a water pressure test at 3 atmospheres, there was no internal flooding and IP68-compliant water resistance was confirmed, allowing the product to be used even when completely submerged in water.
*Test results for bottom panel (aluminum) and five 6mm acrylic panels.
Waterproof Test Report >

*At 5 atmospheres, the acrylic panel cracked, but there was no water ingress into the interior.
*The waterproof property of this product is effective only when the product is securely sealed.
*When using connectors, etc., it depends on the waterproof performance of the connectors.

salt test

Salt spray testing was used to evaluate accelerated atmospheric exposure corrosion.
There was no swelling, corrosion, or peeling to the painted surface during the 48-hour and 100-hour tests.
Salt Spray Test Report >

Enclosures Size & Material

IP68 waterproof case series

Frames are available in two sizes: 150 x 150 x 150 mm and 125 x 125 x 125 mm.
Corrosion resistant titanium frames (100 x 100 x 100mm) suitable for use in marine systems are also available (on request)


Product NameWaterproof Cube Case 150Waterproof Cube Case125
Product NumberCC150CC125
SizeExternal 150 x 150 x 150mm
Inside 125 x 125 x 125mm
External 125 x 125 x 125mm
Inside 95 x 95 x 95mm
Waterproof performanceIP68 compliantIP68 compliant
Ppanel5 x Acrylic panel
1 x Bottom panel
5 x Acrylic panel
1 x Bottom panel

The composition of the cube case will vary depending on the parts used and other factors.
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IP68 waterproof case ustom parts

The Waterproof Cube Case is a highly customizable case in which all panels are interchangeable.

For example, a panel with a heat pipe can be used to solve heat dissipation problems when a Raspberry Pi is built into the cube case, or a panel with a dome cover can be used to store a camera.

Acrylic panel

Transparent acrylic panel allows you to see the contents of the case. The 6mm-thick panel can withstand high water pressure.
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Aluminum Panel

These metal panels are more pressure-resistant than acrylic panels.

Aluminum Panel with Wire Hole

These panels are used to prevent falling and to pass wires for fixing while maintaining the waterproof function.

Dome Panel

Panel with dome for convenient storage of the camera inside the case. Color of flange cover can be selected.

Waterproof connector panel

This panel has a hole for a waterproof connector, which is useful when running cables from the case to the outside.

Bottom panel

Aluminum panel with tripod screw holes. Can be added to the sides as well as the bottom to increase expandability.

Panel for Raspberry Pi

This panel is useful when used with Raspberry Pi.

Heat pipe panel

This panel with heat pipe can dissipate heat to the outside when Raspberry Pi 4 is stored.

Waterproof connector panel with pedestal

Waterproof connector panel with pedestal to secure the Raspberry Pi 4 inside the case.

Expansion panel

Required for USB 3.0 or Ethernet port when using heat pipe panels 125 only

Optional Items

Waterproof connectors and cables

Connectors and cables to be attached to panel for waterproof connector. IP67.

Short cables

Short cables for convenient cable routing inside the cube case.

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*This product was developed based on a concept by REC-DESIGN.