Entaniya Cube Case 01

This is a case that can hold the main unit of a Single Board Computers(For example Raspberry Pi 3 or 4, Arduino etc…).
The case has a high-quality machined aluminum frame, with options such as interchangeable acrylic panels and perforated panels that allow cables to pass through.
*The weatherproof case for the RaspberryPi camera (WC-01) and a Single Board Computer body is not included.


High quality machined aluminum frame

The seamless frame, machined from a block of aluminum, is the ultimate in high quality.
It is just the right size to hold the RaspberryPi.

Compact size

With a square cube measuring 115 mm on each side, this case is just the right size to house the main body of a 1.8″ single-board computer such as the Raspberry Pi.

Replaceable panels

The panels are replaceable and can be installed and removed on all six sides.

All-weather dust and drip-proof

Dustproof and dripproof by using a sealing mat.


There are two types of Panels: the flat type with no holes, and the open-hole type that allows cables and wires to pass through.


High quality screws are used for fixing the panel.

Complete Set

This is a complete set with all the parts.
In addition to the five acrylic panels, one perforated panel is included in the set.
The pace plate can be either tripod screw hole type or flat type.
*The photo shows the assembly image.

Product NameEntaniya Cube Case 01 TSEntaniya Cube Case 01
Base Plate TypeTripod screw hole typeFlat type
Included ItemsMachined aluminum frame
5 x Acrylic panels
1 x Perforated panel
6 x Sealing mats
1 x Aluminum bottom panel
1 x Spacers
1 x Tripod screw hole parts
4 x Pad for legs
1 x Aluminum plate for pedestal
4 x Legs for pedestal
Screws for mounting
Machined aluminum frame
5 x Acrylic panels
1 x Perforated panel
6 x Sealing mats
1 x Polycarbonate bottom panel
1 x Spacers
1 x Tripod screw hole parts
4 x Pad for legs
1 x Aluminum plate for pedestal
4 x Legs for pedestal
Screws for mounting
Product NumberCC-01-TSCC-01
Price24,480JPY(tax-exclusive price)23,660JPY(tax-exclusive price)

Individual parts

You can order each part of the Entaniya Cuber Case.


This is a beautiful, high-class, lightweight, high-strength frame machined from a block of aluminum.

Product NameEntaniya Cube Case Frame
Included Items1 x Machined aluminum frame
Product NumberCC-FL
Price18,000JPY(tax-exclusive price)

Base Plate|(Tripod screw hole type, flat type)

This is a base plate for use on the bottom of the cube.
Tripod screw hole type with 3/8″ screw hole (*Not included 1/4″ screw converter) or flat type is available.

Product NameEntaniya Cube Case Base Plate Tripod SocketEntaniya Cube Case Base Plate
Bottom TypeTripod screw hole type with 1/4″ screw holeFlat type
Included Items1 x Aluminum bottom panel
1 x Spacers
1 x Tripod Screw Hole Parts
4 x Polon feet
3 x Mounting screws
4 x Screws for panel
1 x Polycarbonate bottom panel
1 x Polycarbonate bottom panel
3 x Bolts for mounting
4 x Screws for panel
Product NumberCC-BP-TSCC-BP
Price1,700JPY(tax-exclusive price)880JPY(tax-exclusive price)

Aluminum Plate for Pedestal

The aluminum plate also serves as a heat sink that can be used as a pedestal for fixing the RaspberryPi main unit.
The position can also be adjusted.
*The black bottom panel is sold separately.(CC-BP-TS / CC-BP)

Product NameEntaniya Cube Case Aluminum Plate
Included Items1 x Aluminum plate for pedestal
4 x Bolts for fixing
4 x Fixing screws
4 x Nuts
4 x Teflon washers
3 x Pedestal feet
6 x Pedestal fixing screws
Product NumberCC-AP
Price1,280JPY(tax-exclusive price)

Acrylic Panel|(With hole type / Normal type)

These are special panels for the side of the cube.
You can choose between a panel with holes for cables or a regular panel without holes.

Product NameEntaniya Cube Case Acrylic Plate with HoleEntaniya Cube Case Acrylic Plate
Included Items1 x Panel with holes
4 x Screws for panel
1 x Normal panel
4 x Screws for pane
Product NmuberCC-ACHCC-AC
Price1 plate 600JPY(tax-exclusive price)1 plate 400JPY(tax-exclusive price)
5 Plates 2,000JPY(tax-exclusive price)

Sealing Mat

The sealing mat can be used between the frame and the acrylic panel to provide dust and drip protection.

Product NameEntaniya Cube Case Sealing Mat
Included Items6 x Sealing mats
Product NmuberCC-SM
Price500JPY(tax-exclusive price)


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  • This product should not be incorporated into or used in medical equipment, nuclear facilities and equipment, aerospace equipment, transportation equipment and equipment that affect human life, or equipment, equipment or systems that require a high degree of reliability. Not intended. We will not be held responsible for any personal injury or social damage caused by using this product for these purposes.
  • We are not responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by the failure of this product or its use.
    *We have made every effort to ensure the quality of this product, but it is not a genuine product from the manufacturer. Please be careful when using it and use it at your own risk.
  • This product is based on a concept developed by REC-DESIGN.