HDMI Cable with Waterproof Cable gland

When you want to take the cable out of the waterproof case that houses the camera, a waterproof connector is commonly used to take the cable out.
In this case, even if the case is IP68, the waterproof grade of most waterproof connectors is IP67, so it could not be used in places where it would be submerged in water.
The HDMI cable with waterproof cable grant was developed to solve this problem.

IP68 waterproof rating

By attaching a cable gland to the HDMI cable, the cable can be run outside without using a waterproof connector, thus maintaining the IP68 waterproof rating.

When using a standard HDMI cable and cable gland, the cable must be cut and reconnected because the connector cannot be passed through the cable gland, but this cable eliminates these hassles.

Core material of wire19+1 Oxygen-free copper
Supported resolutions7680 x 4320p(8K)/60hz
GenderMaleス Type-A(outside) / L型:Female micro(inside)
StandardUL E468041
Cable grandIP68
Cable grand Mounting SizeΦ16mm