Dual FAN Aluminum Case for Raspberry Pi 4


Dual fans and heat sink structure of the aluminum case allow for efficient cooling.

Dual fan case for RaspberryPi 4.
Aluminum case with two fans for heat exhaust for effective cooling.

After assembly, all ports, pins, and connectors are accessible.

  • The Raspberry Pi body is not included in the product.
  • This is for Raspberry Pi 4 only.
  • Please be careful not to short-circuit as it is made of metal.
  • The fan is always on when the RaspberryPi is powered on.

Original pedestal legs included

The dual fan case for Raspberry Pi 4 comes with Entaniya’s original pedestal legs and insulating washers.
When using the pedestal legs, be sure to use Teflon washers between the base and the legs for insulation.

  • When using the legs for pedestals, they cannot be used with the bottom part of the aluminum case.

The case can be fixed with pedestal legs.

Screw holes are available on the pedestal legs.
These screw holes can be used to fix the main body of the case to a wall or a pedestal.
The size of the screws for fixing the pedestal is M2.5. (* Screws for fixing are not included.)

Color Variations



Product NameDual FAN Aluminum Case for Raspberry Pi 4
Bundled1 x Caxe top
1 xCase bottom x 1
1 x Dual Fan 5V (Red) – 5V (Pin4), Fan GND (Black) – GND (Pin6)
4 x Thermal pads
12 x Hex bolts
1 x Allen key
4 x Screws for Case
8 x Sceres for Fan
4 x Entaniya pedastals
8 x Insulating teflon washers
SizeTop 69 x 56 x 15.5 mm
Bottom 87 x 56 x 7.5 mm
Product NumberRP-AC-GRY(Gray)
価格1,800 JPY(Tax-exclusive price)


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