Magnet Plate

This plate uses magnets to attach a camera, light, or other device to a refrigerator or metal wall.
The triangular magnetic plate has 1/4-20 threaded holes used in photographic imaging equipment, allowing you to attach cameras, smartphones, lights, etc. using magic arms, smartphone holders, conversion screws, etc.

It has three strong magnets on the bottom and comes with a rubber pad to prevent scratching. (*Please note that these are strong magnets, so take care when attaching to objects you don’t want to damage, such as cars).

Anti-fall wire

Magnet plate is equipped with hooks to prevent them from falling.
Due to the nature of magnets, they may fall when subjected to sudden shocks, etc.
For safety measures, it is highly recommended that they be used in combination with anti-drop wires.

How to install fall prevention wires >

Product NameMagnet Plate S, M, L
Product NumberS size : OM-S, M size : OM-M, L size : OM-L
Screw HoleS size, M size : 1/4-20
L size, : 3/8-16 with 1/4-20 adapter
Load capacityDue to the characteristics of magnets, it depends on the mounting method.
When mounting, the center of gravity should not protrude forward from the plate to increase the strength of the attachment.
Small size: Action cameras, small lights, etc.
Medium size: Tablets, smartphones, etc.
Large size: Mirrorless camera (standard lens size), etc.

Cautions for using the magnet plate, etc. (Caution against ferromagnetism)


The magnet plate is a product with strong magnetic force.
Do not install near systems that may cause serious danger to life or limb, such as medical equipment, weapons system control, emergency calls, etc.


Magnetic storage media, magnetic cards, displays, PCs, clocks, etc. may be affected by magnetism, which may cause damage, erasure, or malfunction of recorded contents.
Use the product on a flat surface with no bumps or unevenness, which will not affect the performance of the magnet.
When moving the product, be careful not to damage the adhesive surface by dragging.
The product may shift or fall if subjected to strong vibrations or other impacts.
Load capacity varies depending on the thickness of the steel and the strength and condition of the painted wall surface.
When mounting the equipment on a high place or ceiling surface, take safety measures such as using wires to prevent the equipment from falling. Use of the equipment in a location where there is a risk of injury or damage to the equipment due to falling.
When installing the equipment in a location subject to frequent vibration or impact, or in an unstable location, take safety measures such as using a wire to prevent the equipment from falling. Failure to do so may cause injury or equipment damage due to falling.
This product is installed with strong magnetic force. When installing or removing the product, stress may be applied due to the strong magnetic force. Please be careful when installing or removing the product, as fingers may get caught in the product or the product may fall off.
After installing the equipment using this product, make sure that it is securely installed to prevent it from falling.